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Monthly royalty payments. Keep 100% Rights. Unlimited uploads and get the 85% of royalties.

Waxtone has the perfect deal for you to distribute your music. Sell your music on the world's leading music stores.

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Waxtone are a premium distributor on Beatport.
Your music in Beatport in 3 working days!


We distribute music to a large and diverse collection of online music stores and services, +150 and we offer a service with a dedicated team and the best market price.


With today's complex and ever-changing music landscape, our Marketing teams use Their expertise and relationships to help maximize sales and reach more fans.

Neighboring Rights

Collect all the royalties you are rightfully owed!
We collect these royalties and add them to their statements .

Youtube Monetization

YouTube Music Key help you get your music in front of over one billion people. You can now earn money on YouTube every time your music is streamed.

Premium Music Distribution

Sell your music directly to your fans. Waxtone gives you the tools and services to sell your music online.
We provide to record labels reliable delivery solutions and Premium Distribution.

1 . Premium Distribution
Upload your music instantly to Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube, and hundreds of other digital stores and applications.

2 . Accounting
Fast, easy and hassle free! Waxtone's royalty accounting system lets you process statements and pay your artists within seconds, not hours.

3 . Promotion
Get your music heard! Waxtone's easy-to-use promotional tools get your tracks to the people that matter most.

4 . Demo Management
Find the next big hit! Get all your artist demos in one place, accept and reject tracks in seconds with our instant communication tools.

Distribution for independent record labels of all musical genres, you can rely on our technology and expertise, to maximize your global reach and get your music heard.

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Why Waxtone?

  • Monthly royalty payments.
  • Unlimited Uploads and get up the 85% of royalties.!!
  • Largest Digital Music Distribution Channel +150 Partner Stores Including Music and Videos.
  • Keep 100% Rights and Ownership.
  • No Per Store Fees
  • YouTube Content ID monetization
  • Free Online Music Player Marketing, Promote your music everywhere (Web, Blog, Social Network ...)
  • Dashboard in 15 language
  • Free Codes (UPC and ISRC ) and Encode (Audio & Video), Takedowns, Transferring Your Label... All is Free!!.
  • Potential Upstream Deals with Major Labels
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

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Sell Your Music Globally

Waxtone distribute your music around the world, covering 240 countries and more than 150 digital stores. Waxtone can put the catalogue of your Label on the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world.

How Its work!

Very easy! Sign up on Waxtone, access our dashboard via login and upload your catalog to stores. And monthly you will receive your royalty payments.

We are a premium distributor on Beatport. Your music in Beatport in 3 working days!

Everything in one place.

Set your intervals +Distribution Features

  • Interval Icon 85% of Royalties (Incl. Beatport)
  • Interval Icon No Annual or Maintenance Fees
  • Interval Icon Daily Sales, Reporting & Analytics
  • Interval Icon Create albums from your existing catalogue

Share your stats +Distribution Features

  • Free ISRC & UPC
  • Free Promo Music player
  • Free Top chart Monitoring
  • Anti-Piracy Solutions (Audiolock)

Track Your DistanceSome numbers about distribution and Delivery of music Worldwide


Youtube Monetization

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become the main search engine for music. With our monetization service, you can make money when your tracks are used on any video uploaded to YouTube. Just sign up to our digital distribution platform, upload your videos and catalogue and begins to monetize their catalog.

Collect royalties from ALL videos using your music, not just the ones on your channel.
This is accomplished through YouTube's Content ID mapping, which identifies all videos containing your music and monetizes them.

Distribute your music online worldwide, monetize your tracks used on videos and collect royalties.

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Your music everywhere.

Your label's catalog available on all devices for your fans.

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